Hey you – 

Thanks so much for being here!

It’s my hope that you make a frequent habit of stopping by and that we become not only friends but mutual motivators! The premise of LemonBubbly is share and teach the art of travel, but more importantly, to help you forge your path, overcome fears, and find a meaningful (to you) existence! It’s my hope that we build a community that inspires one another to do more, see more, laugh more, offer more, and be more.

Over the last couple years, LemonBubbly has morphed, molded, and become part of my story. LemonBubbly was born back in 2014 after a trip to Peru. I stayed in a hostel which housed a mural that read: “Champagne Lifestyle on a Lemonade Wage.” The light bulbs went on… what a perfect quote to capture, essentially, just what it was I was practicing. 

LemonBubbly (noun): champagne lifestyle on a lemonade wage


At the time, I was a newly initiated post-grad with only a couple bucks to my name and a crave to continue wandering the world. When I began to travel at such a young age, with not a whole lot in my bank account, one question I could never seem to get away from was “How do you do it?”

LemonBubbly is my way of answering that, as I realize a lot of us are a little strapped for cash but deserve to have the unparalleled wealth of experience that travel and real life moments bring. I have been fortunate enough to have seen some of our world’s most beautiful places and have felt first hand the impact of how those once-in-a-lifetime experiences enriched my life.

A few years later, I’ve now got a few more bucks to my name but I still travel on a broke-girl-budget, searching high and low for the cheapest (but dopest) travel I can find. Here on LemonBubbly you’ll find travel tips, example itineraries, and destination inspiration! But before we get there, how about a little more on the self-proclaimed travel expert about to spill all her secrets?

My name is Brittanie and I’m a 26-year-old frequent flyer, born bred on the East Coast, residing in Washington, DC. I’m a student at the George Washington University working (online) to get a Master’s in Public Health and I’m employed full-time at a small biopharmaceutical company, working on clinical trials in the US and Israel. I travel a decent amount for work, more on that later, and try to get to at least one new country a year for fun. These days, I tolerate working out so I can indulge in sweets, I admittedly have a problem with buying clothes/shoes (yet, my fashion sense is mediocre at best), and I incessantly find myself searching for the next adventure (when I should probably be doing some sort of real work)!

I’d love for you to ask questions, share stories, give your own tips, and make LemonBubbly more about you than me.

Let’s get started, shall we?



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